Why You Should Consider Working For PSW Agencies

Extremely rewarding and challenging at the same time, working as a personal support worker (PSW) brings a wealth of opportunity for caring for elders in community homes, long-term care facilities and hospitals. If you’re a passionate personal support worker, here are some great reasons to apply at PSW agencies and work for one:

 Gain Exposure And Experience

 Getting hired on short-term contract assignments gives you the chance to experience different company cultures and figure out what you prefer as an employee. Do you thrive best in a fast-paced hospital environment or do you enjoy caring for a variety of residents inside a tight-knit community home? Temporary work lets you discover what you’re really good at and gives you the experience you need to make progress on your resume.

 Make Contacts

 Working temporary assignments through PSW agencies means you’ll be represented through agencies with a bevy of industry-relevant contacts you might never come across on your own. PSW agencies also have the insider information on who’s hiring and what skillsets, personality and experience level they’re looking for. When you work for an agency, you come not only with your own expertise, but you’ll have the reputation (seal of approval) of the PSW agency you work for. This likely puts you ahead of the curve to general applicants hoping to land the job without having been vetted by a specialized recruitment agency.

Enjoy Flexibility

Most short-term contracts are consistent in maintaining 40-hour work weeks and once you’re signed on, agency employees are usually guaranteed work during the duration of their contracts. After completing your assignment, you can spend some time re-charging before your next contract starts, go on a vacation or hop to your next position back-to-back. Getting experience working through PSW agencies means you can enjoy flexibility and a little bit more scheduling freedom.

Transition Into Permanent WorkOnce you’re on the job, your employer will get the chance to see you shine. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, intermediate or a driven recent graduate – you’d be surprised how many short-term contracts turn into permanent job offers. Many potential employers will also post for temp-to-perm hires where they’re open to offering a full-time role to the right PSW employee.

Training Options

Keep in mind, staffing agencies will often offer free training to their candidates. From brushing up on necessary Microsoft Office applications to resume writing help and advice, most staffing agencies want their candidates as well prepared for their next job assignment and or potential employer as possible.

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