How Warehouse Staffing Agencies Can Help During Peak Periods

When you operate a busy warehouse, practicing ideal quality control, labelling everything and keeping an eye on receiving 24/7 (with no errors) can be a big challenge. That’s why during peak periods, it’s always a good idea to fill your work gaps by hiring qualified temp warehouse staff through experienced staffing agencies.

Benefits Of Bringing In Temps When Needed

What if one or more of your employees falls sick and needs an extra week of recovery? Or perhaps you end up dealing with a resignation on short notice. Whether your warehouse just picked up an extra project, or your deadlines have changed, you’ll need expert workers who can start asap during priority gap periods. Here are a few top reasons for hiring temp warehouse staff.


As you pick up the phone to your warehouse staffing agencies and express your requirements, they’ll ensure the right staff is available next day to take on your open role. Temporary roles are faster to fill compared to perm hires, and give you the flexibility you need to relieve stress off other workers while getting all your shipments out during peak periods.


Working in the temp world, adaptability is vital. As temp employees are constantly being shipped off to different job sites – dealing with new people and having the ability to familiarize themselves quickly, while going with fast-paced workflows, is a temporary worker’s greatest asset.

Cost Effective

When you hire temporary workers you never have to take on the responsibilities of: recruiting, screening, skills testing, hiring workers, payroll or taking care of insurance or benefits. All that falls to your warehouse staffing agency. It’s also a cost-effective option to hire temp workers while a perm employee may be out on long-term disability, vacation or maternity leave. This means you won’t need to budget for a full-time employee’s salary or employer benefits.

Try Before You Buy

These days, more and more companies are lowing their full-time hiring, but increasing the need to bring on temporary talent. How come? An excellent way to monitor your work gaps and find good full-time employees is to use the “try before you buy” method. This way you’re getting skilled worker who can jump right in while still being available for skills nurturing later on. Once you find your superstar temp staff and wish to hire them on permanently, you’ve also successfully shortened your onboarding process. Since the employee already has experience in your warehouse, you can focus on achieving goals and developing skillsets instead.

Infusing New Energy & Ideas

Temp workers are usually highly motivated to prove their worth based on the prospect of continued work. These workers naturally infuse new energy and ideas in your team and can bring fresh perspectives that revitalize your entire staff. As regular workers might become weary of taking care of high volume tasks every day, giving them a little extra help from your temp staffing agency will raise your regular employees’ productivity.

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