10 Skills Employers Look For

Skills Employers Look For

There are common skills that employers look for no matter the industry or career you’re in. There are similarities between workplaces and this includes working well in a team environment, completing tasks on a deadline, responding to management or leading a team and others. It’s beneficial as an employee to work on achieving these common skills in order to land a career, or even receive a promotion at work.

Here is a list of 10 skills employers look for:

1. Communication Skills

One of the most common of skills employers look for is effective communication skills. This includes writing and verbal communication, as well as the ability to listen and receive information.

2. Analytical Skills

The ability to understand a situation is important. Employers look for the ability of a potential employee to not only understand situations, but also understand different sides and gather more information when it is needed before coming to the desired solution.

 3. Basic Computer Skills

These skills can include proficient knowledge in Microsoft Office include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as a specific typing speed, knowledge of social media platforms, or other job-specific computer skills. It depends on the type of job that determines the level of computer knowledge that is needed. If you don’t have all the expected skills, then take that as an opportunity to learn so it’s another point to add on your resume. 

4. Adaptability

Situations change and often you will find yourself with new duties, completing projects on tight deadlines, and even multi-tasking. The ability to organize, prioritize, and adapt to any company changes are ideal skills. 

5. Interpersonal Skills

The ability to get along with and relate to others is not to be overlooked. Most employers look for a certain degree of cooperation among potential hires. This means the ability to mediate disagreements, create solutions, and collaborate are important skills that help employees stay focused on the job. It’s important to build professional relationships with coworkers and effectively communicate and relate with them.

6. Problem-Solving

Employers want potential employees to be dedicated to the work they do and overcome any obstacles. A job can be challenging at times, but valuable employees are those who create solutions and get the job done.

7. Leadership

The ability to lead others is one that can take time to develop but is highly valuable to have. Employers look for people who can guide, direct, and manage their coworkers. The ability to take charge when leadership is required is also looked upon as a favourable skill.

8. Ability to Learn

Some industries always change and employees need to learn new skills and stay current with trends and latest news. Employers look for employees to demonstrate a willingness to learn and improve upon their skills. As well, if mistakes are made, employees can learn from this and improve the process the next time. 

9. Teamwork

Working as a team and as part of a larger group is required for some companies. Either you need to collaborate on a project, work as part of an assembly line, work with different production teams, and even need to work with stakeholders and third party organizations. The ability to cooperate and work well with any level of management is important for businesses that thrive by in working in teams. 

10. Ambition

This trait takes several forms but is a skill in its own right. Ambition is a personal skill that not only focuses on improving oneself and achieving goals, but to also work hard and smart to get there. One of the skills employers look for is the determination and passion when working on any task, and always wanting to go above and beyond.

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