How To Prepare For Your Recruitment Agency Interview

Hot woman learning how to look for a new jobJob-hunting can be stressful; some people even claim it is a “soul-crushing” experience. The imperative to get a stable, paying job so you can enjoy a career and a bit more financial and professional stability can cause anxiety with each passing day that it doesn’t happen. It’s one of the reasons why, when a recruitment agency comes calling there’s a lot of relief.

But now it’s time for an interview. As with meeting a prospective employer, a recruitment agency is looking for the right people to do certain jobs and they take this responsibility very seriously. In many ways, “nailing the interview” with a recruitment agency can be just as important as one with an employer. So how do you make sure that happens?

We’ve got a few things you can keep in mind when it comes to preparing for successful recruitment agency interview.

Keep The Future In Mind

One of the biggest differences between a traditional job interview and a recruitment agency interview is that this interview may be crucial for more than one job. A recruitment agency is working on behalf of multiple companies that are looking for recruits now and in the future. The impression that you make on an agency interviewer for a prospective job today could develop into that same recruiter keeping you in mind for another, possibly better position in the future.

So don’t treat a recruitment agency interview as a “one-off” incident. You may meet this interviewer again for another position even if this one doesn’t work out. Or, you may make such a positive impression that the recruiter will file you away for future reference for many other positions.

Be Confident But Honest

There’s a big difference between having a confident presentation at an interview and having an arrogant one that actually impacts you negatively. Confidence means knowing what you are capable of, taking pride in that, and being able to represent yourself as such. Arrogance is presenting yourself as superior and can strike the wrong tone, especially when you start being critical of a potential employer and how you and you alone can fix the problem.

Honesty is also important. Most potential employees will not be all-powerful or all-knowledgeable, and should not act as such. If you don’t know something, ask about it. If there’s something you can’t do, admit to it. Dishonesty at the interview stage especially if you’re claiming knowledge or abilities you don’t have will hurt you.

Be Prepared For Possible Tests Or Evaluations

Sometimes a recruitment agency interview will take things to the next level and make sure candidates really can do what they claim. This may come in the form of actual evaluations or exams that candidates are expected to take and pass to an absolute minimum level of proficiency.

As with the above advice about being honest, be prepared to “put your money where your mouth is” and show that you can do what you claim. If you’re good at programming, writing, or some other skill, you may be expected to demonstrate it. Make sure you can.

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