Long Term Outsourcing & PEO/EOR (Employer of Record)

We will manage a group of our employees at our client’s workplace by providing an on-site Manager. This Manager will communicate with the client on a daily basis to ensure everything runs smoothly, tell us what your goal is and we will take you there. With this service, we remain the employer and are therefore responsible for all labour liabilities including, but not limited to, WSIB.


We also specialize in PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or EOR (Employer of Record) services. This service allows our clients to do what they do by letting us do what we do. We not only handle all payroll services in this situation, but we remain the employer and provide health care benefits etc to the employees and any payroll information for our clients as they require.

We essentially become an HR service to our clients, whether they are in another country or not.

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