The Key To Employee Retention Success

Happy employeesOne of the unexpected “time sinks” that can severely affect the performance of any company is a merry-go-round of needing to replace employees regularly. It affects your efficiency when other staff members try to cover for the absence of an important position. Then it takes time when you find a possible candidate, hire them, and give orientation and training. Then it starts all over again when you lose the new employee to a resignation shortly after, and it is both demoralizing and unprofitable for everyone involved.

So what can you do to make sure that you keep employees happy? If people keep applying for a position, then resigning, how can you break this cycle? Here are a few tips.

Choose People Based On Qualifications & Culture

Every company is going to have a different tone, mood, or “corporate culture” as it is commonly referred to these days. So while the cornerstone of hiring the right employee is to ensure that the proper skill set is in place, the key to keeping that employee is making sure his or her personality is a match for your corporate culture.

If you have a less serious, more casual office, and a candidate is strict, formal and severe, this will lead to clashes. If you’re looking for employees that want to expand their skill set and grow into other duties but the current applicant wants to focus only on his or her current skills, that will also be a problem. A good employee is more than just matching skills, but temperament too.

Perks Can Make A Difference

While not every employer is going to be capable—or even have the desire—to match the extravagant perks of Silicon Valley managers with free spas or yoga classes for employees, perks are a proven strategy. When you offer something beneficial as a show of appreciation to your employees, it not only provides something useful to them, it communicates that you value them and their contributions to your company.

If your budget allows, try to figure out ways to offer more perks to employees, and if money is tight, think of other alternatives, such as discounts at local retailers or restaurants, or other bonuses that would be appreciated. This is always a good employee retention tactic.

Manage Expectations

If there’s one thing that professionals in almost any field don’t like, it’s unpleasant surprises. Maintaining good employee retention rates is often simply a matter of letting employees know what is expected of them, and then sticking to that promise.

If you have employees that are regularly caught off guard when they are unexpectedly tasked with something they had no warning about, this can often accelerate resignations. No one wants to go into a day at work afraid that something will come up that they have to do with no warning at all. This robs employees of internal security, and can very quickly lead them to look for another job elsewhere with a bit more stability.

The Right People For You

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