Land Your Career With These Job Interview Tips

Job Interview TipsGoing into a job interview can be both exciting and intimidating. It can be incredibly difficult to find the right answer when your mind is going in several directions at a time. Simply reading job interview tips isn’t enough to help you, but it’s a start to help you to prepare and give you confidence to think on your feet.

The following are some job interview tips that you can use to help you prepare before the big day:

Research the Company

One thing that some people forget is that finding the right job is also about finding an employer that meets your needs. So spend a few hours researching the company such as their mission, value, services, corporate responsibility, as well as read reviews about the company on social media and elsewhere. Some potential employers may send a link or information they want you to know before talking with you. Look over what they send and research to find out more information if needed. Make sure you now as much as you can about a company, as this can also be helpful for formulating questions you may want to ask the interviewers.

Plan Your Outfit

Make sure that your interview clothes are clean and fit comfortably several days in advance. If you find that something doesn’t quite fit right, the shoes are too scuffed, or that all of your dress clothes have stains, there is still time to shop, buff, or clean them. You want to make the right first impression, which means looking like you are serious about the interview.

Practice Good Body Language

Pay more attention to your body language on the days leading up to an interview. Get accustomed to sitting up straight and keeping an open frame, meaning legs and arms uncrossed and leaning in during the discussion. If you practice this before the interview, you are more likely to automatically have the right posture and body language during the interview.

Avoid Indulging in Bad Habits

Whether it is smoking or biting your nails, make sure you aren’t indulging right before the interview. These kinds of behaviors tend to have residual reactions that you won’t be able to quickly hide, so avoid nervous ticks and habits as much as possible. Not only do they detract from your focus, it is more likely that you will continue to be nervous during the interview. Keep your mind and body as calm as possible.

Anticipate Questions and Prepare Answers

Although you can’t predict all questions you may get asked, there are a few you can expect. Write out a list of questions you anticipate being asked in the interview and then prepare your answers. Remember to answer them truthfully, as well as practice out loud and perhaps in front of a mirror. That way you will feel confident and prepared when answering these questions in an interview. A good tip to keep in mind is to prepare your answers with examples from previous experience as it’s a great way to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and capability to perform on the job.

Send a Thank You

This is the only one of the interview tips that isn’t about preparation, but it is just proper behaviour after the interview is complete. You can send a brief email thanking the human resource representative or interviewer for the opportunity, as well as a note on your enthusiasm about potentially working for the company and waiting to hear back from them.

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