Working with All Personnel for Job Seekers

Direct Deposit Payroll

Payroll for All Personnel Services is by direct deposit. We require an imprinted blank cheque, marked VOID, showing your account information, or a Bank Information form available from your bank.
Direct Deposit can be deposited into any Bank or Credit Union Account that you have. Your name/Company name and address must be imprinted on the cheque.

Payday is every Friday; Time sheets must be submitted no later than Monday in order to be paid for the previous week. Time sheets are available for download from our website. Note: We do NOT pay cash, only direct deposit.

Group Benefits

As your employer, All Personnel Services offers a comprehensive benefit package to all of our employees, including Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, Health and Dental, and out of country coverage.

Your portion of the benefit cost will be deducted from your pay weekly.


Employees placed with our clients are expected to arrive on time, alert and ready to work their full shift. If you are not able to report for work, then you must call your shift supervisor with the client. If you can’t get hold of the client, then you must call us.

Health and Safety

All Personnel takes the safety and well being of all our employees very seriously. All employees must make sure they read, understand, and follow all Safety directions they are given by us and the client they are placed with. All safety equipment MUST be used as directed — i.e. safety shoes must be worn in warehouses, and employees may be sent home if they arrive at their work site without the required equipment.

All injuries MUST be reported to a supervisor AND our office as soon as possible after they occur.
All Personnel Services has a Mandatory Return to Work Program. Injured employees will have suitable alternative work arranged for them, within their abilities.

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