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hire logistics managers through All Personnel Inc.Looking for a dynamic logistics manager? As Mississauga’s and Brampton’s top logistics staffing agency, All Personnel understands the fast-paced, technical details of international transport and the need for efficient distribution of your business goods.

From dealing with custom regulations to coming up with a sound distribution strategy and budgeting for service costs –  we know a career in logistics can be extremely rewarding yet demanding. That’s why All Personnel excels at recruiting candidates perfectly suited for the skills and expertise you need for shipping, manufacturing and trading.

Why Hire a Logistics Manager?

Whether you’re a mid-sized freight operation or a national transportation company –  your business needs proper logistics support and guidance to handle the busy, day-to-day distribution of your products.

Not only are logistics managers well-versed in national and international import/export legislation, but they also assure proper documentation, strong liaisons with package engineers and oversee a smooth operating procedure around the clock.

What does a logistics manager salary look like? The average logistics manager makes: $84,000 per annum in Ontario.

Why Find A Logistics Manager With Us?

At All Personnel, we’re just as passionate about overcoming challenges as you. We understand the technical, logical and business acumen skills it takes to run a 24/7 freight business. That’s why our recruiters are seasoned professionals who’ve worked in your industry and know what it takes to coordinate and execute timely shipments.

If you’re hiring for logistics management jobs, contact us for the right-fit candidates!

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