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hire IT specialist through All Personnel Inc.Searching for a well-rounded IT specialist who can adapt easily to the forever changing landscape of the tech industry? As Mississauga’s and Brampton’s top IT specialists staffing agency, we understand the need for businesses to have an effectively running IT department, and we specialize in recruiting for sought-after tech skills like: mobile development, social media, cloud software, and DevOps.



Why Hire An IT Specialist?

From maintaining your IT network, servers and company security systems to the day-to-day running around of IT needs like setting up new users, managing security and passwords and carrying out configurations, plus various installations, hiring for information technology specialists is essential to keep your pertinent business documents and online information secure. Typically, for every 50 employees, most companies will employ one full-time IT specialist.

Skillsets to Look for in a General IT Specialist

•   Hands-on experience installing IT hardware and software
•   Ability to work remotely
•   Wide, working knowledge of IT operating systems
•   Writing code for software and web apps
•   Testing and debugging software
•   Developing software packages
•   Excellent time management

What do IT specialist salaries look like? The average IT specialist makes: $70,000 per annum in Ontario.

Why Use Us To Find An IT Specialist?

At All Personnel, we get the breakneck speed that IT needs evolve at, especially for growing businesses like yours. Not only should your IT specialist have a deep understanding of technology, but candidates must know how to process and analyze complex data speedily, plus purify large amounts of data, in order to simplify processes and improve your business’ bottom-line.

If you’re looking for a “do it all” IT specialist to join your team, contact us today!

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