Hire A General Laborer

hire general labourers through All Personnel Inc.Looking to hire a general labourer with strong work ethic? As Mississauga’s and Brampton’s top general labour staffing agency, we understand how much a solid industrial-support team brings to the heart of any operation. From assisting in construction to loading and unloading heavy materials – we excel at recruiting hardworking, qualified, general labourers ideal for your job site.



Why Hire a General Labourer?

Whether you’re in the business of demolishing old buildings and restoring them, or constructing brand new high rises from scratch, general labourers aren’t just specialized in moving heavy materials in your work area. Expert labourers are responsible for the many different tasks that fall under the realm of “general labour”.

From erecting concrete pieces, ramps and scaffolding materials to maintaining tools and equipment, directing traffic, digging trenches and even helping to plant trees and shrubs – general labourers get hired for all kinds of work.

What do general labour salaries look like? The average general labourer makes: $40,000 per annum in Ontario.

Why Find a Skilled Labourer with us?

At All Personnel, we know how valuable your time is. That’s why we get to know your industry and your business needs. We offer superior recruitment services that save you the hassle of vetting through a mix of applications on your search for qualified industrial-support candidates. For each role we recruit for, we ensure not only a skillsets match, but a positive work history and strong “can-do” work ethic.  If you’re looking to keep your worksite operating smoothly, contact us to hire your general labourers!

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