Hire A Forklift Operator

hire a forklift operator through All Personnel Inc.Looking for a seasoned forklift operator to work safely yet efficiently on your job site?  As Mississauga’s and Brampton’s top warehouse staffing agency, All Personnel understands how pertinent it is to operate machines skillfully, while having a can-do attitude in tough, outdoor climates.

We offer professional and hands-on recruitment services that help you tackle the challenge of finding the right-fit for your specific trade position.


Why Hire a Seasoned Forklift Operator?

When you need qualified personnel to operate semi-automatic equipment to get the job done, you require reliable, professional forklift operators, trained and certified for the role.

Not only do forklift operators need to navigate equipment safely and knowledgeably, but they also perform daily equipment checks, examine products to quality standards and they must support safety codes, while following your building and job site regulations. Whether you’re hiring a forklift operator for one big project or multiple jobs in a row, finding a skilled and seasoned forklift operator assures you and your team can execute and deliver to deadline.

Not only do forklift operators safeguard the moving of heavy pallets and crates, but they assure the correct stacking of large mass goods inside your storage bays, effective inventory control and keep the workplace free of loose materials.

What does a forklift operator salary look like? The average forklift operator makes: $38,000 per annum.

Why Find a Forklift Operator with us?

At All Personnel, our recruiting team gets the high pressure demands a busy warehouse or outdoor jobsite works under. We’re specialized in skilled-trade recruitment that encompass candidates who love an active, hands-on work environment. If you’re looking to find a forklift operator, contact us today.

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