Hire A Dental Hygienist

hire a dental hygienist through All Personnel Inc.Searching for a qualified, dependable dental hygienist for your professional dental practice?  As Mississauga’s and Brampton’s top dental staffing agency, All Personnel understands how important the working relationship between the dentist and the dental hygienist can be. That’s why we offer superior dental placement services to meet your patients’ oral health needs and your office dynamics.



Why Hire A Dental Hygienist?

Whether you need a junior level hygienist to help with basic review of patient health history or a senior level specialist to take care of everything from dental radiographs to removing calculus and counselling patients – hiring a professional dental hygienist assures best patient care.

Depending on what your staff and office needs are, dental hygienists are flexible in work tasks and responsibilities. Additional services your dental hygienist can help with include: applying preventative materials to teeth, making impressions of patient’s teeth, teaching your patients appropriate oral hygiene strategies, doing blood pressure and pulse checks, screening for oral cancer, completing overall oral health assessments and even performing documentation and office management duties.

What does a dental hygienist’s salary look like? The average hygienist makes: $ 70,000 per annum in Ontario.

Why Find A Dental Hygienist With Us?

Nowadays, the jobs market is a myriad of opportunities and competition. All Personnel is Ontario’s leading dental recruitment agencies and understands how difficult it can be to finding the right dental hygienist for your office. Not only do we know your industry, but we recruit in networks tailored to what you’re searching for. If you’re hiring for a professional hygienist at your dental office, contact us here.

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