Hire A Custodian

hire a custodian through All Personnel Inc.Looking to hire a professional custodian to take care of your business maintenance? As Mississauga’s and Brampton’s top custodian and janitorial staffing agency, we understand how difficult it can be to find the right person you trust with inspecting your office building, cleaning and executing proper repairs and maintenance for you and your staff.

Whether your office space needs weekly scrubbing and sweeping, glass cleaning or every-other-day garbage collecting facilities, we offer superior recruitment services for finding the best-fit custodians and maintenance personnel for your business needs.

Why Hire A Custodian?

If business is booming, but your office building hasn’t been getting regular maintenance and cleaning done, or you just moved offices and need to ensure there’s someone taking care of custodial duties – hiring a custodian is an ideal solution to keeping your office environment running smoothly.

Not only can reliable custodian services help you handle a larger-sized staff and office space, but having the right janitorial staff assists with streamlining your building security lockdown processes, washroom cleanliness guidelines and safety in general.

What do custodian salaries look like? The average custodian professional makes $42,000 per annum in Ontario.

Why Find A Professional Custodian With Us?

At All Personnel, our seasoned recruiters work closely with you to understand your staffing challenges and business requirements. Whether you’re seeking reliable, well-versed maintenance personnel or a more experienced custodial manager – we recruit skilled candidates based on your culture and office needs. If you’ve recently upgraded to a bigger company location or you’re looking to replace a vacant custodian position, contact us here.


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