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We’re the Brampton Job Placement Agency That Finds the Right Workers at The Right Price.

All Personnel Services Inc is a Canadian employment agency in Brampton that looks after everything from your temporary staffing to permanent job placement needs. From industrial positions, to administrative office assistants, we have the resources to find you exactly what you need in your business.

We are an industry leading job placement agency in Brampton that has years of experience and an immense pool of contacts and resources. Stop concerning yourself with interviews and resumes and leave the rest to us!  We’ve been taking the hassle of a job search off your hands for 45 over years now. And we’re still going strong. Ready to take the step? Just imagine…never having to go through a stack (or inbox) of resumes again!

A Job Placement Agency in Brampton With a Great Process

One of the things that separates us from other Brampton staffing agencies is the vetting process we use. It’s another one of the aspects that makes us an industry leader standing head and shoulders above other job agencies. Our process supplies qualified motivated candidates because we pride ourselves on filtering them to fill your needs.

Employers can look through a comprehensive menu of the positions we can fill. We excel by listing a host of contract temporary staffing or permanent staffing solutions on our website. Then, we go one step further than other job placement agencies. All Personnel Services takes the time to understand your unique and specific staffing requirements. Our extensive industry knowledge covers many different fields so we can help you find the right employees. 

How It Works

We are one of the top employment and staffing agencies in Brampton for a good reason. Each applicant is thoroughly screened. The process is thorough and comprehensive including pre-screening reference checks and a series of written tests. A one-on-one interview is the cornerstone. This allows us to place credible people where they will do the most good. There’s more.

All Personnel Services is the employment agency in Brampton that looks after businesses’ requirements. In fact, we will take great pride in managing all your payroll as well as human resources needs. Our job agency includes the finer details like looking after health and safety requirements.

A Staffing Agency Covering Small Businesses Needs

All Personnel Services covers placement agency jobs that look after small businesses. Our staff understands how hectic it can be to be in management or run your own SMB. Time is money and you don’t have a lot of it when you’ve got a successful enterprise.

That’s why we are the staffing agency that handles everything from inside employment like bookkeepers to forklift operators and general warehouse workers. With our help you can concentrate on the bottom line. We supply the staff to help you get to where you want to be.

Looking for qualified personnel that are experienced and motivated to work in industries like distribution, transportation and warehousing? We can help. Our number one priority is helping you reduce your internal staffing costs.

Supplying the Candidates Other Full Time Job Placement Agencies Miss

One of the reasons that we are considered one of the best employment agency in brampton and the Greater Toronto Area is attention to detail. Because we want to be your human resource department, we are thorough and comprehensive.

All the documentation that you will need to cover administrative requirements are looked after by our staff including time-consuming exercises like vacation pay administration. We even offer the candidates we send you a group insurance plan, that is another cost that you can strike from your ledger.

Like our name suggests, All Personnel Services looks after your job search from beginning to end. We even include a temporary to permanent personnel option. Remember, finding the right candidate can be a long journey without us.

An All Canadian Job Placement Agency

All Personnel Services is the placement agency that looks at each and every client like a business partner. We specialize in several areas and supply quality industrial staffing, administrative and medical office solutions. We have over 45 years of experience and one of our top priorities is helping your business run smoothly.

If you’re an employer looking to fill a position, you can email or give us a call. If you’re someone looking to find a satisfying job, why not send us resume? Either way, All Personnel Services is looking forward to getting in touch and starting an excellent business relationship. Remember, we are the placement agency that looks after you.

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