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The Employment Agency That Finds the Right Workers at The Right Price.

All Personnel Services Inc is a Canadian recruitment and employment agency that provides solutions for your temporary staffing and permanent placement needs across the city of Mississauga.

Partnering with All Personnel Inc will give you access to qualified workers for both short and long term employment opportunities.  We specialize in filling last-minute staffing needs using your list of employee requirements to sort through our pool of qualified candidates to find the right people to fill the position.

Recruitment Solutions for Mississauga Businesses

We are proud to service the city of Mississauga for all its employment and recruitment needs. Stretching from Malton to Port Credit, our expansive local network can source top talent for businesses, including major employers located in hubs such as Toronto Pearson International Airport and Downtown Mississauga. Our many years of experience working with a diverse range of businesses means we are able to fully understand your employment requirements and select only the best talent for the task.

We understand how sudden and significant employment shortages can become. Thankfully, as one of the largest recruitment agencies in Mississauga, we have the expertise and experience your employment needs at a moment’s notice.

Find Permanent and Temporary Work in Mississauga

For job seekers, our network of connections gives you a wealth of opportunities suited for your needs. From accountancy and office administration to logistics and warehouse operations, we work to ensure your talents and skills are prioritized for the right job.

Our range of job opportunities in Mississauga is truly diverse, with a wide mixture of permanent and temporary jobs that are available full-time or part-time, ideal for an ambitious individual with a limited schedule or commitments such as family or education. Unlike other employment agencies in Mississauga, we will always go the extra mile to ensure your placement matches your abilities and gives you the chance to thrive.

Experience the Difference Our Mississauga Employment Agency Can Make

All Personnel Services is one of the most honest and fair staffing agencies Mississauga has to offer. We nurture our reputation and our unwavering commitment to excellent service.  To better serve you, our on-call staff is available after business hours.

Whether you are in need of Accountants, Bookkeepers, Controllers, Office Managers, Project Managers, Logistics Managers, Administrative Assistants, Data Entry Clerks, Forklift Operators, General Warehouse Workers, we are here to help with all your staffing needs. 

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