5 Things To Know About Temp-to-hire Jobs

Nowadays, the job market isn’t just a competitive scene, it’s overflowing with lots of local talent, who can do the job well. That’s why it’s a popular choice for employers to take time sourcing ideal employees for their open positions by posting temp-to-hire jobs.

In some cases, temp-to-hire positions can be considered an “extended interview”, where the employer can work with and observe their new hire to confirm they’re a good fit for the company. This also gives employees a chance to see if he or she wants to work for the organization permanently.

If you’re thinking about accepting a temp-to-hire position, here are 5 things you need to know:

Build Relationships

When you start as temporary status, you get to meet and network with new people working in your industry and area of expertise. By chatting with them during breaks or on lunch, you’ll not only open up the chance for job referrals, but coworkers can note your work ethic and potentially invite you to help with company projects.

Learn As Much As You Can

Show your employer you’re eager to learn as much about the company as you can. Volunteer your time during workflow lulls to pick up new skillsets, and even help with tasks unrelated to your position. This shows you’re interested in all aspects of the business and demonstrates your talent and potential loyalty.

Perform Like It’s A Permanent Job 

Having the right mindset while in a temp-to-hire job means everything. If you start off performing like you’re only planning to be there a short while, chances are your employer will notice and it’ll be harder for them to see you as a permanent fit.

From day one, treat your role like a permanent one, which means putting your best foot forward all the time. Be sure to come to work on time or even 5 minutes early, complete assignments with detail and go above and beyond in projects whenever possible.

Follow The Dress Code

If you want your employer to know you’re taking the job seriously, dress well. This communicates your dedication without speaking. Figure out what the dress code standards are by contacting your HR representative or observing what other high-performing coworkers are wearing. Be sure never to dress more casual than this standard, as this demonstrates a fit into company culture.

Be Patient   

It can be hard waiting to find out if you’re offered a permanent position or not. However, refrain from checking in, or asking your boss whether you’ll be hired on right away. Show patience, and convey interest in your role and the business through your work ethic. Near the end of your temp work term, you and your boss will discuss the need for your position and your future at the company.

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