5 Important Qualities To Look For In A Staffing Agency

staffing agencyIf you’re trying to be efficient about filling positions in your company whether it’s for permanent, or temporary seasonal positions, a staffing agency is one of the most effective ways to complete this goal. With a staffing agency, you have help from a professional organization whose sole purpose is to find the right people and send them to the employers that need their expertise. But, just like hiring the right person, trusting the right staffing agency is important for getting good results. So how do you make the right choice? Keep an eye out for these particular qualities.

1 – Industry Familiarity

Some less professional and less scrupulous agencies will be more concerned with filling vacancies with “warm bodies.” In other words, just keeping numbers up will be more important than making sure a company looking for a particular skillset gets that qualified personnel. Make sure that the staffing agency you’re looking at actually understands what your industry needs, and you can clearly communicate these needs and concerns.

2 – Efficient Operation

How organized is the staffing agency you’re looking at? When you have a question, is it quickly answered? When you need to settle a matter of billing, is it quickly resolved or are you left hanging? In dealing with staff, or talking to management, are your interactions knowledgeable and fast, or do they struggle even to produce copies of the documents you’d like to discuss? If a company is slow to respond and inefficient with their operations, this doesn’t just affect them; it affects you too.

3 – Transparent Fees

No honest, ethical, professional business will you leave you in the dark about how your payments are managed, when they are expected, or what is actually required to make a payment. Sudden fees or surcharges appearing without explanation, or evasive questions about how your payments are structured are not part of a normal, client-centric business. If you have doubts about the way a staffing agency is managing—and asking for—payments, don’t ignore this instinct.

4 – Candidate Screening

Because you’re not doing the legwork and research in tracking down suitable, safe candidates, the staffing agency should be doing this. If the agency has a rigorous screening process in place that looks at education, pertinent qualifications, and backgrounds for the presence of criminal records, this is a real vote of confidence. If they do none of these things, this leaves the quality of both the agency and its candidates in question.

5 – References & Reviews

Just like good employees will have references they can provide, the same is true of a good staffing agency. People that do quality work gain a reputation. If a staffing agency you’re looking at has a list of references, verifiable clients, and even reviews available from reliable sources that you can check, this is a big, green checkmark that you’re making a smart investment.

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