5 Characteristics To Look For In A Temporary Employee

Temporary Employee

Taking on a temporary employee can seem a daunting task. After all, you may only have a short period of time to find the ideal candidate, but you need them to be a seamless fit for your business. In order to make the hiring process easier, here are five characteristics to look for in a temporary employee so you get the best fit every time.


Punctuality is a sign of professionalism, and any employee who cares about doing a good job will make sure that they show up on time and are reliable. Temps should show up on time and fully prepared to tackle the job they’ve been assigned. Otherwise, your business could be disrupted and your time wasted on tracking down wayward temporary employees.

Along with punctuality, look for any signs of a history of missed work. You wouldn’t be hiring a temporary employee if you didn’t need the job done, so don’t hire one that is likely to miss days unnecessarily.


The nature of temporary work means that temps should be able to “go with the flow,” slotting easily into any work environment in which they’ve been hired to work. Temporary employees who can blend into any work environment create less stress than those who insist on doing things their own way.

Flexible temps are also able to adapt to the stresses of learning a new job fairly quickly. A temporary employee who is willing to adapt to meet your business’ needs will provide better service and a better overall experience for your business.

Willing (And Able) To Be Trained

A temporary employee who balks at learning how to use your software or who refuses to learn your protocol on the grounds that they are “only temporary” is likely to be more stressful than helpful. Every temporary employee should embrace training for two reasons. First, it allows them to be more beneficial to your business, which should be a temp’s ultimate goal anyway. Second, it offers them the opportunity to expand their skillset, making them infinitely more attractive to future employers.

If a temporary employee isn’t willing or able to learn how to do things the way that you need them done, your business will suffer. Don’t risk a loss of productivity because of this.


Admittedly, it can be difficult for temps to slot right into every working environment. Some workplaces may be more stressful, others may be very laid back, but if a temporary employee comes to the table with the right attitude, they can make themselves a valuable asset wherever they go.

A positive mental attitude and the willingness to get along with others is crucial for temporary employees. You don’t want a sullen, unmotivated temporary worker affecting the rest of your employees. Look for someone who has a positive outlook and who seems willing to do what it takes to fit in with your business and you’ll both be happier with the results.


A temporary employee who knows how to get the job done is always the best choice. Hiring a temp to simply “fill a position” isn’t going to benefit your business, but hiring one that will work to achieve goals and produce measurable results for your business is. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential temp for examples of how they have been productive in their past jobs because it’s your business that’s on the line if they can’t do what is required.

Hiring a temporary employee can be a great experience, but it pays to take your time and look for these characteristics in any temp you hire. At All Personnel, we ensure you only receive the highest quality temporary staff. To learn more about our temp employee services, reach out to us today!

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