What To Look For In An Employer

Everyone has a dream employer, and to find your right fit it’s important to go with a company that contributes to your overall job satisfaction positively. Keep in mind, even if you love what you do, your employer can impact how negative or positive you feel about heading into work each day. Here’s what to look for in an employer:


Whether large or small organization, look for an employer open to keeping employees in the loop about company goals, performance, clients and overall industry happenings that affect the whole team. Being left in the dark about how business is going can be discouraging and leave you wondering how the company is really doing.

Gives Work-Life Balance

Having an active, meaningful life outside the office is rejuvenating and necessary.  If an employer overloads you with tasks and deadlines that clutter your days and nights with business activities, you’ll feel burnt out pretty quickly. Work for a company that balances employee expectations by offering a flexible enough schedule for you to accomplish work and relax/pursue interests outside of career.

Promotes Positive Work Environment

A great job package and company incentives can certainly be appealing, but company culture also largely influences whether new hires fit in, stay and feel happy going into work. Does your new job promote encouragement, value success and take the time to recognize good work? Look for an employer focused on creating teams with people who care, communicate and show up on time.

Increases Employability

Before accepting a job offer, consider how much that company will help you learn, grow and develop both professionally and as a person. Not only should you select a job that gives you the exposure/training you need for your next career move, but employers who offer potential of promotion and motivates their employees to set long-term goals with them, are where you want to thrive.


Last, but not least, always look to who your direct report-to will be during your interview process. When you’re analyzing culture fit – it’s pertinent to ensure the organization has a leadership team that can mentor, advise, instruct and encourage their employees. Most job seekers find themselves drawn to roles where they have the potential to develop under a more seasoned individual.        

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