What Employers Should Look for in a Staffing Agency

staffing agency

As an employer you don’t always have the time or resources to find the right personnel for every job, and that’s where a staffing agency comes in. Here are some key points to use when deciding which staffing agency to work with:


No matter what else you’re considering, make sure you look into how reliable a staffing agency is. If you’re looking for temporary or permanent employees then it’s essential you choose an agency that can follow through on the agreement, as well as hire the best candidates for the role.

Make sure your industry is represented by the staffing agency

Every industry has its own challenges. When you use a staffing agency to find the right person for a position, you want them to not only understand how to screen candidates, but how to specifically screen them for your industry. This means the staffing agency will understand the candidate you’re looking for and what it takes to work in the industry.

Look at the benefits they offer

If you’re looking for temporary or permanent employees, you want a staffing agency that takes good care of them. Why? Because it’s not enough that you’re providing a decent wage; you also want your employee to be well taken care of so they have motivation and incentives to stay and commit to the job. This helps ensures employee satisfaction, maintain morale and increase productivity. If they’re constantly looking for a better opportunity, they’ll be much less likely to be loyal to your company.

Read through the contract or agreement

Working with a staffing agency takes away a lot of the hassles, time and risks of hiring an employee yourself – or at least it should. If you work with an agency that is not up front with their process, has complicated and confusing policies, or hidden fees then you’re not going to be satisfied in the long run. Of course the best option is to choose a company with clear and concise policies and no hidden fees.

Understand the staffing agency’s payroll process

Before choosing a staffing company, find out how the payroll process works. How often will you need to pay for the hours your temporary or permanent staff works? How often do they pay their staff? While you want to make sure you understand all policies or procedures, understanding their payroll process is especially important.
At All Personnel, we take care of the payroll and employees receive payment by direct deposit to any bank or credit union account. As well, employees are responsible for submitting time sheets of their hours and are paid every Friday.

These simple tips will help you choose the best staffing agency for your company’s needs and ensure you start off on the right foot – with the right expectations. We have over 45 years of experience so we can provide your company with the right workers for the right price – and no hidden fees or policies. Contact us today to get started!

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