What Does A Product Manager Do?

It’s a common question: what does a product manager do? Not meant to be a slight or an insult, but many people are curious of what this particular position entails. Not every company has them and some are even brought on as temporary employees for short-term projects.

What Is A Product Manager?

The most accurate description of a product manager is someone responsible for managing a particular product. Unfortunately, the description is intentionally vague because the responsibilities of a product manager varies from company to company, across different industries. To understand what a product manager does you first have to answer the question: what does a product manager do?

Purpose Of A Product Manager

The primary function of a product manager is to act as the specialist and overseer of all company product information between the executives and the employees. They’re responsible for understanding exactly what higher management envisions for the product. From there, a product manager will communicate those visions to employees responsible for turning that vision into reality. It’s also the product manger’s responsibility to manage the development and implementation of those visions. A product manager has been equated to that of being the “CEO” of a particular product.

This means the product manager needs a wide range of skills and knowledge to be successful:

  • They must understand the visions of executives and upper management.
  • They must be able to communicate with the technical staff responsible for discussing and implementing the vision.
  • They must be experts at developing strategies and roadmapping to ensure the development and implementation are completed within the desired time frame.

Essentially, the product managers are experts on the products they manage. As it’s a large and important responsibility, a product manager typically only manages a single product. The primary exception to this is within a start-up culture.

Finally, they’re also responsible for managing things like product testing, shipping, cost analysis, production and support. It’s common for them to work with sales and marketing as well, as they can best describe what benefits consumers would get from purchasing the product.

Determining If A Product Manager Is The Right Step

Once you understand the answer to the question “What does a product manager do?” you may be considering hiring one for your company. Knowing this position isn’t as understood as many other managerial position means many product manager on the market are willing to give employers an idea of their valuable services via a temporary solution.

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