How To Use Social Media For Job Searching

Nowadays, unlimited information is readily available through the World Wide Web and largely on social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Not only does utilizing social media for job searching boost your chances of landing a position, but it shows employers you’re well-versed and comfortable with technology. Using social media for your career offers a great way to stay in touch with colleagues and professionals in your network.

If you’re a serious job seeker looking to develop your skills on social media to attract hiring managers, here’s a few tips and best-practices to help you optimize your job search:


For most hiring managers and recruiters, LinkedIn is a go-to source for researching and recruiting skilled, experienced candidates for job openings. Not only can job seekers search and apply for jobs using the job search function – where you can look up openings by keyword, job title, company and the location you wish to work in – but you can also attract a hiring manager’s interest by what you’re sharing and posting online.

To ensure your LinkedIn account is optimized for landing job interviews, it’s important to fill in all the basic sections of your profile. Additionally, sharing and posting industry-related articles and thoughts shows a keen interest in furthering yourself. You’ll also want to enrich the content on your page by describing your project accomplishments, volunteer experience and various tasks and responsibilities you’ve had per job position.


Twitter is a popular place for brands and people to engage with you directly, and depending on the industry you’re in, IE) marketing, public relations, fashion – who you’re following and how you engage with companies may or may not affect if hiring managers feel you’d be worth an interview.

Keep in mind, Twitter is a great place to meet high-level executives as many small to mid-sized business execs often run their own Twitter and are open to having a conversation with you.

If you’re job searching on Twitter, make sure to check out major job search engines like’s Twitter feed or Google “Health and Safety Jobs Toronto Twitter” to see which accounts would be most beneficial to follow.

When looking to get hired by specific companies, it’s a good idea for a percentage of your tweets, retweets and replies to focus on topics relevant to the organizations you’re applying to or want to work for. You can achieve this by using the keywords and hashtags that professionals in your industry use, follow and talk about.


Facebook can be a helpful platform for both employers and candidates to find out more about one another. Since it’s inevitable that some managers may search you via Facebook, it’s important to ensure your content is clean and that certain personal posts remain private. If you want to make yourself searchable – add your employment information, location and professional skills and interests and then make them public.

Not only can you follow the business pages of companies you’re interested in, but generally you can glean more information about who’s interviewing you, and whether you have common friends with your hiring manager via Facebook.

Overall, staying active on social media is a great way to promote your personal brand, especially if you’re in an industry that calls for it. Ultimately, you can use social media to establish yourself as an expert and thought-leader in your marketspace.

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