Tips To Help Older Job Seekers Find A Good Fit

Looking for and competing for a job is competitive enough as it is, and if you’re an older job seeker you could be faced with some unique challenges. Job applicants older than a certain age come with a lot more skills and knowledge than younger applicants, which means your salary expectations might be higher and you might be seen as more set in your ways/less trainable.

The trick here is to use your knowledge to your advantage and follow these tips:

Upgrade & Show Off Your Tech Skills

Regardless of age, everyone applying for employment needs to be somewhat tech savvy and computer literate. Depending on the type of jobs you’re applying for, make sure you update and list your current skills, such as: project software tools, Instant Message, Email etc. Adding a blog link or setting up a Twitter account where you follow and retweet others in your industry also shows you’re up-to-date and knowledgeable.

Use Your Network

Networking has always been one of the best ways to finding a job. Whether you just graduated or you already have an established network – reach out to professionals in your field of interest. From LinkedIn to sending out an invite for coffee to old colleagues and bosses, using online and offline networking tools is a great way to help with your job search.

Consider Experience As An Asset

Just because you might be down-shifting your career a notch or two, doesn’t mean you can’t illustrate areas where you can hit the ground running. List and explain relevant projects and the benefits and solutions your skillsets brought to the table. Highlight what experience matters and how you can ultimately help the company save and make more money.

When writing your CV, also be sure to list most-current experience first, and if you attended university a while ago, leave the exact dates off your CV.

Get Job Search Help

If you’ve been struggling to break into a different industry, or get back into what you used to do – consider seeking assistance from no-cost programs at one-stop career centers, non-profit groups, or start attending networking events where you can begin connecting with people working in your field of interest.

Update Your Wardrobe

Have a suit and or blazer you haven’t worn in years? Don’t wear it to the interview. Instead, go out and have some fun updating your wardrobe. In order to be a personality fit for a new environment, you also have to dress and look the part when meeting potential employers.

Don’t Give Up

Job searching isn’t the easiest task for anyone. So, don’t give up. While it might take a little while to land the job that’s a good fit for you and the employer – there are many employers out there who seek and understand the value of a more experienced, older worker who’s gained the maturity, skills and life experience to really do a good job and benefit the business in the long run.

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