The Art of Resume Writing

Learn to write professional resumesEven if you possess all the skills and qualifications you need for a job, you will never get anywhere if your resume writing falls short. Resume writing is an art and one that you must master to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips and tricks to make a great impression:

  1. Be Professional

Carefully plan your resume with clear headings, as well as keep information simple and organized so it’s aesthetically pleasing. Also use a font type that is professional and is big enough to read such as Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial.

  1. Document your skills

If you have held jobs in the past, list your experience that are related to the job posting. Remember to use keywords and communicate how your experience and skills would be an asset and benefit for the company. As well, list any education you have because your staffing agency will know what knowledge you have and how it’s applicable to any job openings. You may not have held the exact roles as the job listing, but still document nay transferable skills, academic projects, and leadership positions that relate to the position.

  1. Use Keywords

Identify keywords that will send your resume to the top of the pile by analyzing the job postings. Using keywords acknowledges that you’ve read the job posting, you understand what the job entails, and you have experience and knowledge about the job.

  1. Highlight achievements

Make sure you list achievements that made an impact in your role or industry. It’s important to quantify these accomplishments instead of making general summaries. For example, if you were a sales assistant, document any increase in sales and more. Quantifying results means using percentages, dollar signs, numbers, and other metrics.

  1. Proofread

Resume writing may take several drafts before you produce a final document. A good idea is to walk away from your resume and give your eyes and brain a rest. Come back to your resume a few hours or days later to proofread and edit your document. This strategy works because when you work on a document for several hours, your brain may not acknowledge any grammar or spelling mistakes, or may even fill in the gaps where words are missing. Even if your job doesn’t require writing, you want to show your staffing agency that you possess written communication skills and that you are professional.

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