Sample Reference Check Questions to Ask

reference check questionsCompleting a reference check is an essential step to take before you offer a candidate employment. However, many companies don’t know the right questions to ask. Check out these sample reference check questions to guide you as you work to check the background of potential employees.

Ask when the candidate was employed, and what their position in the company was. Asking questions about their role and responsibilities will give you can idea of the type of work they can complete, and if the candidate has other assets to offer such as multi-tasking and time management skills.

The first of your sample reference check questions should be a general one that confirms the dates the candidate was employed, what their title was, and what their role consisted of. This question is essential as it helps you validate what the candidate has already told you about their background. The difference between a few months of employment may be an honest mistake, but if a potential candidate says they worked at an organization years longer than the company has them on file, this is a huge red flag.

Is the candidate eligible to be rehired?

The next of your sample reference check questions is to ask if the person you’re calling about is eligible for rehire. If they are, ask for details on why they’d hire them back. If they wouldn’t rehire them, don’t assume that means you should cross the candidate off the list. Ask them why and carefully consider the answer. For example, if a company wouldn’t rehire someone because that person was not a good multi-tasker, and you need an employee for a fast-paced environment, then this wouldn’t be a deal breaker for you.

Did the candidate advance throughout their career?

If a candidate received promotions, that’s a good sign that they’re a team player and a hard worker. If they stayed in the same position for ten years that may be a bad sign. This portion of the sample reference check questions should include finding out if they were promoted or demoted.

Was the candidate punctual?

Being on time is essential in many industries, but even if it’s not a huge deal to your company, remember that the purpose of sample reference check questions is to learn about their work ethic and integrity. You may be able to overlook occasional tardiness, but if a candidate was consistently late to their previous job, this can be a bad sign.

What were the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses?

You need to know what they were good at and what they struggled with. Remember that every candidate will have things they struggle with – no one is perfect. However, if they struggle with something that’s essential to their success with your company, that is a concern.

These sample reference check questions are a great way to find out everything you need to know about candidates who want to work with your company. Remember that your goal with every one of your sample reference check questions is to find out more about the candidate.

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