How Recruitment Agencies Can Help With Changing Careers

Have you decided to go for it and switch up your career path? Changing careers can certainly be an exciting yet intimidating time, but the good news it, you have access to a lot of resources and support along the way.

For starters, a professional recruitment agency can help propel you onto your new path by helping match you with temporary or project-based work, where you can build transferrable skills and gain expertise in a new industry or area of focus.

Keep in mind, when you work with an employment firm, you increase your chances of landing a full-time job simply by letting the professionals critique your resume and highlight any applicable or transferrable education and qualifications to potential employers.

Top Reasons To Contact An Employment Agency

Not only can an employment agency help double-up job search efforts, but partnering up with one will likely take some competitive stress out of the equation, and you’ll also receive: 

  • Customized tips and advice on changing careers effectively
  • Industry insight and information that may include in-demand skillsets and market trends
  • Assistance with building a professional network
  • Tips on how to have a success interview with interested employers
  • Job opportunities presented to you by phone and email
  • Your qualifications presented in the best light possible to potential employers

Which Recruitment Agency Do You Choose?                   

Now that you’ve settled on working with a recruitment agency to land your dream job, the rule of thumb here is to do your research. Select recruitment firms that specialize in the industry you’d like to join. From there, familiarize yourself with their website and ensure they have a solid reputation for good customer service and with placing candidates in the right-fit position. Not only should you be talking to people in your network to get recommendations, but use your intuition to evaluate the service you receive once you reach out by telephone to the agency.

Ask yourself questions like: what kinds of resources are made available to you?  Are they willing to spend the time to guide and review your credentials to help you made your career change?

Don’t forget that finding the right organization to start with is just as pertinent as finding the right role. Look for a recruitment agency that builds a relationship with you and gets to know your skills and personality so they can start to recognize companies/positions that can end up being an ideal fit.

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