Looking For A First Job? Here Are 5 Tips To Help

Whether you’re a teenager, college graduate or older – looking for a first job is an exciting step to getting exposure to industries you’re interested in. Prior to starting your search, you’ll need to gather details like your educational background, volunteer experience and any additional skills and training you may have.

Tips to Finding Your First Job

Check Your Options

Looking for a first job should be fun! Consider what fields you’re interested in and where you’d like to work in your area. Does warehouse sound better than retail? Or does corporate appeal more than start-up life? Research online, via company websites that peak your interest and check out staffing agencies and job hunting sites like: Indeed.ca and Workopolis for job options and employers hiring.

Make A List

Get organized by making a list of potential employers and jobs you’d qualify for based on your research. Rank them based on preference and note application requirements before comparing those to your education and current experience level.

Resume Writing & Job Applications

Once you’ve highlighted your top jobs, write or polish up your resume to reflect any skills, training or education relevant to the positions you’d like to apply for. If you haven’t put together an entire resume before, check out online resume writing tips and free design templates for ideas. From there, download employer job applications or apply directly on their website.

Prepare For A No

As you get call backs for interviews, remember that many other applicants might be getting asked to meet with the same employers. Be optimistic and put your best foot forward, but also mentally prepare for a potential “No”. This way you can assure a neutral, pleasant reply when dropping off resumes in person, or during your interview process.

 Follow Up

Follow-up is always a pertinent step to landing a job offer. Employers love candidates keen to work with them, and show the willingness to go above and beyond for their customers. A good rule of thumb is to make a follow-up phone call or send a thank-you email after you’ve met with them. Typically, it’s best to wait about a week to get in touch.

As you apply, keep your future career goals in mind. Whether looking to gain expertise in industrial, education or administrative – starting out accepting a temporary job can also be a great stepping stone.

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