What To Look For In An Industrial Staffing Company

When it comes to getting the best talent for your staffing needs, there are numerous agencies you can turn to. The trick is to understand the key differences between staffing companies and have a clear idea of what desired outcomes are. Here’s a few things to ask when selecting the right industrial staffing company for you:

Do Staffing Options Align With Your Talent Needs?

From logistics managers and order pickers to general labourers and dock helpers – assess what your business needs are and ensure you select an agency well-versed in recruiting for your industry. Also, keep in mind to be more cautious of agencies that only provide niche services. Typically, these networks are much smaller and tend to only specialize in qualified employees for focused areas. Instead, look for an industrial staffing firm known for a large network, who explores candidates of varying backgrounds with transferable skillsets.

Additionally, in today’s competitive job market, recruitment professionals can often take 20 to 30 requests on any given day. Working with a multi-disciplined staffing firm assures you’ll have the manpower and efficiency it takes to spend the time needed for recruiting and screening the right candidates.

Will Your Service Needs Be Met?

Deciding which staffing agency to go with includes whether you need key benefits and services such as: onsite management, proper skills training, onboarding, capacity for large volume requests and ability to support temporary employees etc. Each of these offerings can save your business money, time and help to successfully manage your HR requirements while guaranteeing a stronger return on investment.


If you manage a busy warehouse, the last thing you want to do is worry about hidden soft costs that might disrupt operation/overall productivity.  Look for an industrial staffing company who’s upfront about all fees and services right from the start. Transparent agencies provide clear information throughout the process, take additional time to go over contracts with you, and often promise you an ROI.


Finally, confirm the agency you deal with has established processes that can demonstrate a return on your investment. Consider how recruitment firms report metrics, and note that transparent agencies tend to boast a stronger ROI record, and will report back to you about valuable information and reasoning for strategies taken.

Overall, working with the right-fit agency will improve your hiring effectiveness and timeline. Your future employees will also be a good fit for your company culture, so you won’t have to worry as much about your top candidates going elsewhere, or high turnover costs.

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