What Are The Ideal Characteristics Of A Temp Receptionist?

A temp receptionist will be the face of your business, no matter if she’s covering a few sick days or working a three-month contract with you. She’s who your customers see when they walk into your office space. She’s the first voice they’ll hear on the phone, and she’s likely the person overseeing their paperwork as they do business with your company. That’s why it’s pertinent to hire the right temp receptionist who can naturally portray your company in the best light.

If you’re thinking of employing a temp receptionist to help reduce costs, maintain a flexible team or keep business going as you search for the right candidate – keep these ideal temp receptionist characteristics in mind:

Positive Attitude

It’s true that a person’s attitude always comes through loud and clear over the phone. When you don’t have body language to read, your receptionist’s professionalism and positive attitude must be conveyed in the way she communicates with your customers over the phone. Every customer want to know your business is genuinely interested in them and their needs.

Organizational Whiz

Even if she’s only helping for a few months, a professional who possess sharp memory and a knack for tracking and accomplishing tasks with little supervision is a huge value add. Not only do temp receptionists need to “hit the ground running” fielding phone calls and greeting customers, but they’ll need to stay on top of incoming correspondence, email requests and taking down the right messages.

Tech Savvy

From Microsoft Office skills to working within cloud-based software – office technology is constantly evolving these days and receptionists must have the expertise to toggle between/operate a variety of equipment and systems. Not only are tech-savvy computer skills a must, but having the abilities to master additional office technology, like your phone system and other industry-specific software is vital.

Multitasking Capabilities

If you’ve got a busy reception area where your receptionist might need to assist with projects and general overflow from your administrative staff – ensure your temp receptionist has the skillsets to multi-task without getting flustered. During interviews, ask candidates to give examples of when they’ve had new tasks thrown at them during the day, then look for clues about how they stay calm, organized and on top of things.

Good Listening Skills

A good receptionist doesn’t just talk to your clients, she listens closely to what they’re saying so she can quickly answer questions or solve problems. Look for a temp receptionist that has active listening skills, this way she can connect with visitors and clients to the right department quickly.


When your company phone line constantly goes to voicemail during business hours it reflects badly on customer service and overall business efficiency. Your receptionist, whether temp or perm, should be counted on to be at her desk in the morning, quick to answer correspondence and prompt to greet clients in person.

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