What To Look For When Hiring Temporary Staff

These days, hiring temporary staff to replace employees who’ve gone on leave, or to help with seasonal workflow is very popular and cost-effective. Not only do temp hires provide flexibility in an unstable economy, but it gives your company access to new skill-sets and may also lead to a permanent hire later on.

That being said, not all temporary staff turn out to be the right-fit for your company. To make the best hiring decisions, look for these five important qualities when hiring:


Especially true for cases where the role is truly a temporary position, you need a self-starter who doesn’t require a lot of training hours. A quick study who’s motivated to learn on their own, or already has the needed skill set to jump right in, is the way to go. When screening potentials, it’s beneficial to highlight critical “must-haves” so your agency can find the most qualified candidates.


A main reason to invest in temporary staff is that it brings you a flexible workforce. Not only should temp workers be able to quickly adapt to your company culture, but they’ll need to move from one assignment to another with ease, take various shifts or get called in at short notice. The idea of adaptability also goes beyond simple availability. Look for temporary hires that enjoy venturing out of their comfort zones and learning whatever tasks are asked of them.


Enthusiasm is contagious, and the attitude of your temporary staff can rub off on your permanent employees. For some temp workers, it can be difficult to upkeep enthusiasm as they jump from one assignment to the next. Hire a temp that can see the big picture, understand the importance their role plays, and the need to bring their very best to the table, no matter how short-lived.

Communication Skills

Since temp work is all about adapting to various environments in a short timeframe, it’s pertinent that temporary staff members communicate clearly to their current employer. This ensures a good understanding of deliverables and prevents misunderstandings.


A great track record for showing up on-time is always something to look for when screening temporary staff. However, excellent reliability also involves going beyond just arriving on schedule – it means actually being ready to work first thing, completed assignments on or before deadline and an ability to follow through on direction promptly.

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