Career Transition Tips for Job Seekers

Maybe you’re just bored with your current job. Or maybe you’re looking to make more money. In some cases, you might feel like you’re current job is a dead end. However, no matter what reason you decide to make a career transition, you must know that it might not be easy, but there are some tips that can help.

To make ycareer-transition-tipsour career transition go smoothly, it’s important that you keep a positive attitude. You may not have the exact experience your new employer is looking for, but if you have a bad attitude or lack confidence, you may find yourself staying at your current job.

The next step is to market yourself to others. This might require you to network with people you already know to find potential job leads. Additionally, you should get to know people in your new field and express to them your interest. 

You may need to be willing to go back to school or receive some form of training, even if it’s just on-the-job training. This is why it’s important for you to be open minded. Know that employers find it risky to hire someone whose previous skills don’t transfer to the new position. If you have any skills that may in any way, shape or form be relevant, it’s best to highlight those in a resume. Transitioning into a new career means you’ll definitely need a new resume.

A career transition means finding an employer who is willing to work with you. This may mean networking. This also may mean informing potential employers about your career transition goals and then letting the employer know what you’re willing to do in order to gain the experience you need, or what you’ll do if you become part of their business.

Try finding a mentor. This person can be a valuable resource. Not to mention, he or she may be able to get you into the field much more easily than if you were to do it yourself.

In some cases, a career transition may require you to gain experience in the field. You could look into temporary jobs that give you the necessary experience. You may also want to look into freelance opportunities, depending on your area of interest. Keep in mind, you may have to settle for a lower wage than what you want since you’re making a career transition that you may not have enough experience for. Volunteer work is another way to gain the necessary experience. This shows prospective employers you’re dedicated when it comes to this career transition. Plus, you gain what you need at no cost to you besides your time.

Making a career transition doesn’t always happen overnight. You may find yourself stuck at your current job for a while before you can get into the new field. However, these tips will make the process simpler. If you’re looking to make a change, contact All Personnel today to learn more about our current job opportunities.


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