Benefits of Temp To Hire For Employers

temp-to-hireThere are several different ways to find suitable employees for your company. When looking for new employees to fill full time positions, don’t underestimate the value of your existing temporary workers. Temp to hire is a very versatile and useful hiring strategy that offers many advantages to your company. Here are three such advantages and why you should consider a temp to hire strategy.

Reduced Chance Of Hiring A ‘Bad’ Employee

When you hire a bad employee, you cost your company a great deal in terms of time and expense. Training isn’t free and it takes time and money to train a new hire. Plus if a new hire is not a good fit and quits (or is fired), then you lose productivity and have to complete the entire process over again. Interviews and resumes, while offering valuable information, are not the same as doing a job. With a temporary worker you have the unique opportunity to judge them based on day to day workplace performance. In the case of a bad worker, you simply don’t offer them a job. However, when an exemplary worker comes through you can offer them a full time position and know exactly the quality of work you’re getting. Think of temp to hire as a trial run.

See How An Employee Fits In At Your Workplace

Every workplace has their own unique workplace culture and it can take time to see if an employee is a good fit. Some people can be perfectly capable in every respect of doing a job and still fall short in other key areas. In most industries, a certain amount of teamwork and camaraderie is required for success. Some hires simply will not get along with coworkers or the existing team structure in a business which makes them a bad fit. With a temp to hire employee you can see how they fit in with your existing workplace culture.

Give The Employee A Chance To Evaluate Your Company

Not every job is a good fit. There are situations where an employee does their job well and fits in with your workplace culture but simply does not want to do the job long term. This could be for a multitude of different reasons. It could be a personal matter, it could be a disagreement with company philosophy, not enjoying an industry in general, or an employee may not be ready to settle down in one location and with one company for a great length of time. Where an employee is at in their career and their personal and professional feelings on the matter weigh greatly on the enjoyment they will get out of a job or career. By working a temp to hire position, they can try out a company or an industry to see if it’s a good fit for them. With temp to hire work you give employees a chance to see if a job is a good fit before coming on full time. This saves on training costs and turnover for full time positions.

As you can see, temp to hire positions offer a great deal of advantages. They allow you to make sure your full time hires are good ones, reduce turnover, see how an employee fits in with workplace culture, and allows a worker a chance to evaluate your company from their end. When structuring your hiring process, making use of temp to hire positions should not be overlooked due to the advantages they offer. Remember, experienced hiring agencies can assist in finding temp to hire employees for your company saving on time and expenses.

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