The Difference Between All Personnel & Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies

Unlike headhunter firms and other recruitment agencies, All Personnel offers you a full-featured, in-depth staffing solutions to help your company hire and retain the best employees for every job. Our agency offers payroll management and medical and dental benefits to employees, so we can ensure we retain the best employees who are enthusiastic to work for your company.

Let’s talk about a few of the key differences in how we do things compared to recruitment agencies:

  1. Temporary to Permanent Personnel.

When you want to be certain you obtain the perfect fit for your company, but still need a trained worker ASAP, temp-to-permanent arrangements with All Personnel represent the perfect compromise. We’ll place one of our trained, vetted workers with your company for about three months. After this trial period, you’ll have the option of hiring them away as a full-time employee and free of additional charges. When you consider the importance of less tangible traits such as team cohesion, or any traits you can’t find on a resume, it’s clear why this is often the superior staffing solution. You gain flexibility and avoid liability in a way traditional headhunter recruitment agencies can’t offer.

  1. Temporary Staffing.

When you need to fill a position on a short-term basis or to fill a sudden unexpected gap in staffing, working with All Personnel can have your operation back at full speed in no time. A lack of staff can affect your company’s bottom line, so we can provide qualified employees quickly. You don’t want to rush to fill a position and end up disappointed when employees don’t have the right skills or experience, so work with us to avoid any hassles. Recruitment agencies can’t offer that same speed, flexibility or time to find the most suitable candidate for the role.

  1. Long Term/Outsourcing.

Sometimes, it benefits a business to offset liability and administrative headaches by working with a complete team of outsourced employees—and unlike most recruitment agencies, All Personnel can fulfill this need single-handedly. We’ll place a team of our employees under one of our on-site managers, who will work directly with your company to ensure everything runs to your satisfaction. You gain the advantages of a full workforce without having to be responsible for employee liabilities.

  1. Direct Hire/Permanent Placement.

Of course, All Personnel does offer traditional direct hire services. Our screening process ensures the highest quality candidates for your vacant positions, backed by a 3-6 month guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with an employee within the time laid out in the agreement, we’ll find a new candidate to take their place free of charge.

By working with All Personnel, you gain reliability, consistency and guaranteed service. Ultimately, the greatest advantages of All Personnel over other recruitment agencies are in our ability to match your staffing needs with quality employees with the best service that suits your needs. We’re here to help no matter whether you’re looking to fill a short-term position with a reliable worker, locate a highly specialized candidate to fill a high-value position, or hire temporary workers before making a final decision to hire permanent personnel. You get the staff you need, liability coverage you desire, and guarantees that other recruitment agencies won’t dare to make.

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