5 Tips for Starting Your Online Job Search

online job searchYou already know you’re awesome, and your new employer will surely agree. They key is finding the right hiring managers at the right time and getting them to notice you. It sounds simple when we put it that way, but it does take a little work and due diligence. With the right attention to your online job search, you’ll have bites to your bait in no time!

Here are some tips:

  1. Build Your Online Profile

Start by building a LinkedIn profile if you don’t already have one. You can refer potential employers to your digital resume, where it can also include recommendations from previous employers, coworkers and more.

What’s great about LinkedIn is that you can also connect with recruiting agencies that will have a network of employers who are ready to hire. You can find All Personnel Services on LinkedIn and stay connected to job opportunities.

Also remember that hiring managers look at your social media profiles, so make sure your LinkedIn profile is ready to go. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors, as well as adding all relevant job positions and experience. 

  1. Leverage Existing Job Opportunities

Your online job search should contain multiple job lists. Job websites gives you a chance to upload your resume either to a database, or specific positions. Be creative and add yourself to lots of lists or several relevant job positions. Include the salary range and city you want to target so you can eliminate jobs that you don’t want to pursue. Your online job search should work for you as much as it should work for potential employers.

  1. Make a List

Whether you’re using a spreadsheet, a document, or a physical sheet of paper, you’ll want to find a way to keep a record of your online job search in one place. From the moment you apply for a position, you should be documenting the company, the job title, and details about the job. Make sure you include any specific contact information you may have so you can send them a resume follow up with that person once you have an interview, or to confirm. As you hear back, colour code each position (this is why spreadsheets work best), so you know where you’re at in the online job search process. For example, perhaps green means you have an upcoming interview, red means another candidate better suited their needs, yellow means you’re still waiting to hear back. You get the picture. It’s all your own color-coding, but the point is the organization that comes with keeping track of the process flow.

  1. Be Efficient

When you’re performing your online job search, you should have a few resumes on-hand and ready to go. They may need to be altered to fit a specific position for which you’re applying, so highlight keywords that you may need to change later, so you can go right to them and alter your verbiage as needed. When you make changes, save each copy with a job-specific name so you can reference it or upload it with ease later.

  1. Network

Your online job search starts online, but it doesn’t end there. Online networking groups can help extend your professional reach. Groups on LinkedIn can enhance your portfolio and help you meet other like-minded professionals in your industry.

If you would like personal support to accompany your online job search, contact our team at All Personnel Services, and let us know what we can do for you!

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