5 Tips For Changing Careers At 40

Changing careers at 40

Life changes and people change. Sometimes, whether it’s because someone is stuck in a rut, looking for new challenges or wants to pursue a lifelong dream, people decide in their 40s that it is time for a new career. Changing careers at 40 isn’t as hard as everybody thinks. You likely have experience, passion and determination that you may have lacked at a younger age.

But how exactly should you go about doing so? Read our 5 tips for changing careers at 40 and get started chasing your dreams.

Evaluate Your Current Job Satisfaction

It’s important to take stock of your current situation before making any drastic changes. Perhaps you only need to tweak your skills instead of changing fields all together. In any case, keeping a journal is a great way to understand your underlying motivation. Keep track of which aspects of your job you currently enjoy, which you dislike and any other factors that may be influencing your decision.

Make Use Of Old Contacts

Thanks to your 40 years of existence, you probably know some people and this is one of the biggest advantages people changing careers at 40 have. So it’s critically important you make an effort to reconnect with old contacts, even if it’s just for coffee and advice. You can rely on your network of contacts for advice, connections and even job opportunities.

Rely On Your Existing Experience

Since you’ve been working for nearly 20 years, you likely have an impressive portfolio of work to show an employer. Even if your existing experience doesn’t direct transfer to your ideal new position, this doesn’t mean your previous work experience isn’t relevant. It will demonstrate important attributes like leadership, determination and hard work, skills that employers want regardless of the position.

Just Go For It

Sometimes you just need to leap before you look. Instead of dwelling on the pluses and cons of a major career shift, you just need to go for it, especially if it has been on your mind for a long time.

Take Temp Work To Gain Experience

It helps to be open to all sorts of work experience to get your foot in the door and that’s where a staffing agency like All Personnel can help. Temporary work can provide valuable experience and help you get your foot in the door at a place you want to work.

So if you are looking for temporary work to help boost your career, contact All Personnel today!

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