5 Signs Your Current Staffing Services Aren’t Working

staffing-servicesStaffing agencies offer a very useful service. Hiring new employees is a time consuming process and if not done properly, can have a negative financial impact as well. With the help of a good staffing agency, you know you’re getting good employees that will be a good fit for your company. However, not all company staffing agency relationships are positive ones. Here are five signs that your staffing agency isn’t providing value to your company, and it may be time to find a new staffing agency.

Lack Of Quality Staffers

Part of good staffing services is finding qualified workers to send out to their clients. Staffing services are very competitive, and if a worker feels they are not getting good job leads, they will likely take their services elsewhere. This can cause a bad staffing agency to have an increasingly smaller talent pool which can negatively impact your company. When you need a worker from a staffing service, you need their services immediately. If your staffing agency cannot keep a large enough talent pool then they may not have the kinds of hires you need to do the job. This causes your staffing services company to take longer and longer to fill openings, which in turn impacts your business.   

No After Hours Coverage

Sometimes workers are needed on short notice to cover critical jobs at odd hours. With many businesses open late and some 24 hours a day, coverage is a must. While no staffing services agency is open 24 hours a day, most have some form of off hours or on call support if needed. Make sure your staffing agency has coverage in place if your company has off hour shifts that may require coverage on short notice.

Lapses In Training

Another sign that you may need a new staffing services agency is lack of proper training for their workers. When hiring workers, you expect them to arrive at your business with a certain amount of basic training. This means an understanding of your business, an understanding of basic duties, and most importantly safety protocol. They should be ready to perform their duties and do so safely. If a worker arrives without basic training not only are they ineffective, they may also be dangerous depending on the type of business you are in. When a staffing services agency starts sending workers that are not adequately prepared, it may be time to switch.

Not Following The Law

There are many different laws a staffing services agencies must comply with both on the federal and provincial level. Failure to do so not only results in fines, but may also result in legal concerns. When this occurs, not only does your staffing agency get in trouble, but your company does as well. The only way to avoid such costly and time consuming concerns is to perform due diligence. Ask for copies and paperwork showing that your staffing agency is meeting all of their legal requirements. Failure, refusal, or inability to do so should result in immediate replacement by a more competent agency.

A Singular Focus

Modern staffing services companies have started offering more diverse staffing services choices. Many now cover more involved training and may also handle other aspects of employment such as payroll. This can save your company both time and money. Be sure to see what services your staffing agency offers and see if they are a good fit for current and future business plans. Don’t be afraid to shop around for a more useful or versatile staffing agency that is a better fit for your business’s needs.

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